Prior to October 17th, 1983, “Who Dat” was just bad grammar. Actually prior to 1983, there is no record of “Who Dat” being used in any commercial enterprise, sans a poem from the 1800s and an old Marx Brothers movie. And oh, of course, it’s the way we “tawk” down here in Louisiana. Everyone knows dat!


“Who Dat”, as it is known today was the result of actions taken by one die-hard Saints fan – Steve Monistere.

Anyone old enough to remember knows that it was Monistere’s production of the song,“Who Dat Sey Dey Gonna Beat Dem Saints” that started the whole Who Dat craze. With Aaron Neville on vocals and 5 Saints players doing “da chant”, it was an instant success.


After that fateful, all-night recording session, Monistere and his brother Sal launched into what some consider the most brilliant sports marketing campaign ever. With 80,000 “Flash Cards” in the Superdome, 250,000 bumper stickers distributed through local merchants and of course their famous Who Dat? T-Shirts, in just a few short weeks the brothers propelled “Who Dat?” into the public conciseness forever, and along the way, sold more 45 RPM records than Fats Domino’s Blueberry Hill.


Just as fast as the records were being “pressed”, the brother’s trademarked the phrase and started their company, Who Dat? Inc. There is no denying that the Monisteres’ did something that no one had ever done before. They popularized “Who Dat?”,  and turned it into something fun for the city of New Orleans, and the fans!


All these years later, Who Dat is alive and well, and Who Dat?, Inc. is thriving. With over thirty licensed products on the market, the Who Dat brand is a staple in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region and has become famous worldwide.